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As you can be looked with shawls, tippets, scarfs

Everybody in Russia knows down shawls, tippets and other products made in Orenburg. Down products made by the craftswomen from the Mikhaylovskaya stanitsa (Uryupinsk district, Volgograd region) are well-known in the USA and Canada. Since 1994 these products regularly participate in an exhibition of national crafts in the USA with constant and deserved success. The dwellers of the southern states as well as Canadians and Northerners readily purchase Mikhailovskaya handicrafts with pleasure. Many of them visit the festival every year and demonstrate their mittens and scarfs bought many years ago and become even more fluffy. Please note that houses in the southern states are not heated, so warm and light things from the Khopyor goat down are to the point in the winter. In contrast to Orenburg down articles which are mainly decorative, those from the Mikhaylovskaya stanitsa are much warmer. They are thicker and do not pass through a wedding ring (a trick for Orenburg handicrafts). Goat's down has been established to possess medicinal properties (more>>>)

Part 1. Craftswomen from the Mikhaylovskaya stanitsa and their products

Part 2. Down products (tippets, shawls, blankets, scarfs, mittens) - the natural beauty of manual work

Part 3. Russian down products in America

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