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At the riversides of the Khopyor river on the territory of about 40 km in width and about 300 km in length a wonderful breed of goats is reared, whose down not only does not become matted with time but even gets more downy in the process of wearing. These goats are very sensitive to the environment, and any pollution of air or water would cause their illness. Not getting acclimatized in any other places remains an enigma till now. Every effort to breed them outside the mentioned area has failed with the goats becoming extinct or common. The scientists suppose a fine magnetic field in the territory to favor these sensitive animals' living

The products of the Khopyor goat down are sound and comfortable. The craft itself is:
  • item ecologically pure (no pollution is wasted into the environment);
  • item socially good and humane (no animal is killed, women are in employment and have the possibility to stay at home with their children);
  • item of medical significance, too. Down muffles and shawls can be used at chill and migraine, instead of medicines. The contact with a body will cause local getting warm and gradual recovery.

  • Down products (tippets and shawls), beautiful and practical

    The best gift to Christmas
    Being a gift to the man, goat down helps us to live in harmony with nature.

    Care of articles made of goat's dawn.

    Goat down doesn't suffer from bad weather - even likes it! More winds, rains, colds - the down is just getting more fluffy and beautiful.

    Grey articles may be cleaned with pure white snow (where available), just as rugs are cleaned in Russia. In this case they won't require wet washing during over 5 years.

    If you have decided to wash your purchase, you should first outline its perimeter on a water-proof material. Then wash it with your hands in warm water with some shampoo added. Your washing machine can't help you now. Rinse and don't wring out. Just shake and draw it over the initial dimensions. Dry till dryness.

    Now you can order exclusive manual-work products from curative down of Khopyorian goats! The craftswomen from the Mikhaylovskaya stanitsa will knit shawls, tippets, semishawls, 3-cornered scarfs, scarfs, Russian mittens, plaids and much more exclusively for you!
    Select and order any product ! The prices are quite good for everyone!

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